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The Board set STRATEGY for the group and the individual companies within the group. The strategy is implemented by the DIRECTION TEAM that leads the Group. A key element of the strategy implementation is the annual budget set by the Direction Team.

The Direction Team also sets the boundaries within which all operating companies must operate. These are set out in Policies and the Financial Authorities matrix.


Operating companies are charged with delivery of the budget. These will be supported by detailed project plans. The Business Performance Management process will be used to monitor delivery with the direction team initiating corrective action through detailed improvement plans as required. Operating companies will provide rolling 12 months forecasts that will form the basis of the annual budgets.

Supporting Value

The group aims to operate with NO ACCIDENTS, NO HARM to people or to the environment. We will understand fully our CUSTOMERS requirements and will be delivery quality products and services that meet our customer needs. We will also aim to exceed their expectations where this creates advantage over our competitors

There will be RIGOUR in having detailed project plans that have that have a clear milestones, performance targets and personal accountabilities. These will be supported by the excellent system of planning, control and finance and risk management. A key element of CONTROL will be AUDIT, both to external and internal parties.

Career development will be based on solely on MERIT. There will be no bias on gender, creed or race.

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